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Lola Vaughn gets a rough throat fucking on FaceFucking.comTaken from AdultWikimedia.com: Ronna Gradus, co-director of the controversial documentary Hot Girls Wanted, apparently tried to edit away a less-than-stellar review of the film on its Wikipedia page following its Sundance Film Festival debut in January 2015. This is known as a kind of "astroturfing".

Hot Girls Wanted is a documentary that was recently shown at the Sundance Film Festival, about young girls entering in the porn industry. It will premiere exclusively in all territories where Netflix is available this year.

Taken from The Telegraph: Banner ads like "Latina Abuse" and "18 & Abused" pop up like on a computer screen, to a thumping soundtrack.
Perhaps the grimmest segment of the film concerns extreme videos: the most disturbing one focuses on so-called "facial abuse" – forced oral sex – which new girls find themselves drawn into doing, for the promise of extra pay. "We couldn't watch it, so our editor watched it for us and she made the choices,"

Critics Around The World Are Standing Up To Cry Foul About What "Hot Girls Wanted" Delivered To Viewers:

Taken from Uproxx.com: Hot Girls Wanted attempts to explain one extremely mysterious and complex corner of an extremely mysterious and complex industry – one that everyone loves to marginalize, including the filmmakers. The film showcases the negative, sensationalizes the unfamiliar, and sidelines the positive. It brandishes unsubstantiated and currently unknowable factoids about web traffic (more visits to porn sites than Netflix, Amazon, and Twitter combined?), the overall net worth of various production companies (the top three pro-am sites are worth an estimated $50 million?), and more (some dubious figures about scene rates). It value-judges sexual expression inconsistent with the “correct” and “acceptable” versions it espouses. On just about every level, Hot Girls Wanted is over-generalized, anti-sex work, anti-porn propaganda (and I’m not the first one to have said as much).

Taken from Vice.com: And to Bauer and Gradus, that influence is negative. Intercut with clips of a shoot for a niche site that specializes in the physical humiliation of Latina women are graphics discussing the trend of forced blowjobs in porn and statistics about the prevalence of violence against women in online porn. Rather than explore how pornography might reflect society rather than shape it, they point to porn as the cause of societal ills. Bauer, for one, thinks that this leads to sexual assault. In an interview last week, she said, "All these [frat] boys are watching this porn... and it is no mistake that their behavior is aggressive, and that there are all these rapes on college campuses, because this is where it's starting. This is what they're watching."

Lynn Comella ‏@LynnComella Jun 7
It's the filmmakers who should feel dirty, not the young women they filmed. #HotGirlsWanted

Sailor Moon ‏@Kitten_brat Jun 3
#HotGirlsWanted should be renamed to "let's shame women for taking control of their bodies and try to make them stop"

Kate Iselin ‏@kateiselin Jun 3
Watching #HotGirlsWanted. Every time these girls are shown crying, it's when their being interrogated by family, not on camera in scenes.

Check out the video below that couldn't be shown because it's too extreme: